SFW Audios

What’s that? The audios below are available on YouTube as well?!

You can use the table below to filter/search/sort the currently available free non-adult audios voiced by Aurality.

You are welcome to download any FREE audio. By doing so, you agree not to re-upload them anywhere online, claim them as your own, or make any type of financial gain from them. If you would like to use an audio as part of a project, email me for permission.

These audios are works of fiction and are intended to be used for adult entertainment purposes only. All characters depicted are of legal age.

Audio Title || CreditsTags (use search bar)Listen & Download
Fall Asleep with Me? || Aurality[F4A] [Unscripted] [Sleepy] [Bedtime] [Ramble] [Breathing Sounds]Play
We Finally Met (After Our First Date) || Aurality[F4F] [Cute] [Shy] [Confessional] [Sapphic] Play
Genuine Aftercare || Aurality[F4A] [SFW] [Improv] [Reassurance] [Aftercare]Play
Take a break, let ME care for you.. || probably_flustered[F4M] [SFW] [Comfort] [GFE]Play
Aftercare For Writers || ybearonamountain[F4M] [SFW] [Reassurance]Play
Let's Keep Going, One Day At A Time || probably_flustered[F4M] [Comfort] [Pandemic] [You're Not Alone]Play
I Won’t Tell You To "Get Over It" || probably_flustered[F4M] [Comforting] [Heal At Your Own Pace]Play
Long Time Listener || Aurality[F4M] [Meta] [Nervous] [Developing Romance]Play
Three Simple Words || Zerahmot[F4M] [Narrative] [Romantic] [Comforting]Play