Credits & Acknowledgements

Making porn is a group effort! I am forever grateful to the following people and websites!

(Please get in touch if I’ve credited you incorrectly so I can fix ASAP)


The following artists have created gorgeous artwork that have appeared in profile pics/banners across the internet! Please hire them! You can also view the gallery!


Approximately 50% of my free audios are authored by talented erotic writers! I always ensure these folk are credited alongside the audios wherever I share them, but I wanted to re-list them all here again for additional thanks! Please support & hire them!

Sound Engineering & SFX

Select audios were given some audio magic by the following folk with their amazing editing skills! In addition to creating my own SFX, I have used sound files from the following places too!

Virt-a-Mate (3D Creations)

VaM is an amazing piece of adult software & the community is unlike any other! I am lucky enough to be able to use different free/paid assets – from clothing to accessories to lighting plugins, animations, etc – by a variety of talented creators in VaM. If you’ve seen a 3D Porn image/video composed by me, then these folks helped make it possible with their 3D modeling or programming skills! (If you believe you have not been credited correctly, please get in touch & I will fix ASAP!)