SFW Adult Audios

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What’s that? The audios below are available on YouTube as well?!

You can use the table below to filter/search/sort the currently available free non-adult audios voiced by Lady Aurality.

You are welcome to download any FREE audio. By doing so, you agree not to re-upload them anywhere online or claim them as your own for financial benefit.

These audios are works of fiction and are intended to be used for adult entertainment purposes only. All characters depicted are of legal age.

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New to OldAudio Title & CreditsTags (use search bar)Listen & Download
1Genuine Aftercare[F4A] [SFW] [Improv] [Reassurance] [Aftercare]
2Take a break, let ME care for you.. written by probably_flustered[F4M] [SFW] [Comfort] [GFE]Listen: Take a break, let ME care for you..
3Aftercare For Writers written by ybearonamountain[F4M] [SFW] [Reassurance]Listen: Aftercare For Writers
4Let's Keep Going, One Day At A Time written by probably_flustered[F4M] [Comfort] [Pandemic] [You're Not Alone]Listen: Let's Keep Going, One Day At A Time
5I Won’t Tell You To "Get Over It" written by probably_flustered[F4M] [Comforting] [Heal At Your Own Pace]Listen: I Won’t Tell You To "Get Over It"
6Long Time Listener written by Lady Aurality[F4M] [Meta] [Nervous] [Developing Romance]Listen: Long Time Listener
7Three Simple Words written by Zerahmot[F4M] [Narrative] [Romantic] [Comforting]Listen: Three Simple Words