What is aural sex?

Our friends over at Urban Dictionary define aural sex as “The act of giving or receiving mental sexual stimulation with or from an especially pleasant voice“. Simply put, you get turned on by listening to someone purr sweet nothings in your ears… or doing the purring, as in Lady Aurality’s case.

How do I access the Premium marked content? 

You need to join the other Aural Delighters over on Patreon (Tier 3 and above): www.patreon.com/ladyaurality.

Does Lady Aurality take on commissions?

As of July 2020 commissions are currently OPEN – but they won’t be for long!

If you are a Patreon supporter Tier 3 or above, you get 25% off commissions.

I've really enjoyed Lady Aurality's free audios, can I leave a tip?

You can thank Lady A for their hard work by sending a tip via Venmo! Alternatively, you can check out Patreon for a tier that suits your aim.

How do I get in touch with Lady Aurality?

The Contact page has what you’re looking for. Please be patient while you await a response. Thank you!

Is there anything you'd like to add now we're at the end of the FAQ?

Yes. VICE has an excellent article about how to be an ally to sex workers. Everyone who consumes porn/hires sex workers needs to read it.

Are these really frequently asked questions?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?