Premium Audios

Last Updated: Jan 21st 2020

You can use the table below to filter/search/sort the currently available premium adult audios by Lady Aurality.

You will need a Patreon account to be able to gain access to these audios.

These audios are works of fiction and are intended to be used for adult entertainment purposes only. All characters depicted are of legal age.

PlayF4AThe Best Ramblefap You'll Ever Hear[Ramblefap] [Blowjob Sounds] [Loud Orgasm] [Desperation]
PlayF4MThe Monster In Your Bed[Mind Fuck] [I Control You] [FDom]
PlayF4MSemen Milking[JOI-esque] [Semen Donation] [Nurse]
PlayF4AGood Moaning~[Ramblefap] [Real Orgasm] [Vibrator]
PlayF4MLate Night Fun Time[Ramblefap] [Real Orgasm] [Vibrator]