Premium Audios

Last Updated: Oct 7th 2020

You can use the table below to filter/search/sort the currently available premium adult audios by Lady Aurality.

You will need a Patreon account to be able to gain access to these audios (work is underway to create an account system for the Aural Delights site).

F4AGood Moaning~Ramblefap[Real Orgasm] [Vibrator]Click to Listen
F4MLate Night Fun TimeRamblefap[Real Orgasm] [Vibrator]Click to Listen
F4MSemen MilkingMedical[JOI-esque] [Semen Donation] [Nurse]Click to Listen
F4MThe Monster In Your BedControl[Mind Fuck] [I Control You]Click to Listen
F4AThe Best Ramblefap You'll Ever HearRamblefap[Blowjob Sounds] [Loud Orgasm] [Desperation]Click to Listen