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You can use the table below to filter/search/sort the adult audios by Aurality. You are welcome to download any FREE audio. By doing so, you agree not to re-upload them anywhere online or claim them as your own for financial benefit.

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These audios are works of fiction and are intended to be used for adult entertainment purposes only. All characters depicted are of legal age.

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Audio Title || CreditsTags (use search bar)Listen
Semen Donation || JohntheRapturist[F4M] [Medical Setting] [Semen Donation] [Semi-JOI]Play
Giant Glass Dildo Ramblefap  || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Exclusive] [Orgasm] [Dildo]Link
Sabrina Swallows Sperm on a Saturday || Slut_Lover222[F4M] [Parody] [Comedic] [Blowjob] [Swallow]Play
I'm going to drain you dry || funnytraybake[JOI] [Edging] [Countdowns] [Multiple Listener Orgasms] [Ruined Orgasms] [Finger Snapping] [Gentle FDom]Play
2014 Nissan Juke  || Aurality[F4M] [Voyeur] [Spying] [Fantasizing] [Hand Kink] [Sensual] [Likes It Rough] [Solo Masturbation] [Strangers] [Neighbours]Link
Human Resources  || Aurality[F4M] [FemDom] [JOI] [Addicted to Your Cum] [Sci-Fi] [SFX]Link
A Quiet Wank[F4A] [Masturbation] [Vibrator] [Heavy breathing] [Orgasm]Play
A Quiet PUBLIC Wank[F4A] [Masturbation] [Vibrator] [Heavy breathing] [Orgasm] [Public] [Exhibitionism] [SFX]Play
Day of Edging: Part 1 || funnytraybake[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Teasing] [Countdown] [FDom] [mSub] [DOE]Play
Day of Edging: Part 2 || funnytraybake[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Teasing] [Countdown] [FDom] [mSub] [DOE]Play
Day of Edging: Part 3 || funnytraybake[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Teasing] [Countdown] [FDom] [mSub] [DOE]Play
Day of Edging: Part 4 || funnytraybake[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Teasing] [Countdown] [FDom] [mSub] [DOE]Play
Day of Edging: Part 5 || funnytraybake[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Teasing] [Countdown] [FDom] [mSub] [DOE]Play
Live Ramblefap Show: 06/11[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Live Show]Play
Gasmask Ramblefap[F4A] [Gasmask] [Ramblefap]Play
60 Second Orgasm || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Exclusive]Link
Fully Vaccinated || Aurality[F4A] [Nurse] [Medical] [Fdom] [NC]Play
The Vampire's Slave || eatsthewholeass[Vampire] [Monstergirl] [Gentle Fdom] [Handjob] [Bondage] [Drinking Blood] [Slight Coercion] [Halloween]Play
Journey Through Lordran || Dark_Turn_of_Mind[FFFFFF4M] [CYOA] [Dark Souls] [Creampies] [Cherry Popping] [Lore] [NC] [Collaboration]Link
Cucked by a Plant || Zenergizer [Cuckold] [NTR] [Cheating] [Monster Plant] [Vines] [Tentacles] [Wet Sounds] [Love Bombs] [Voicemail]Play
Girlfriend Cuddle  || Aurality[F4M] [Romantic] [Improv] [Love Bombs] [Kissing] [Orgasm]Link
Mommy Improv || Aurality[F4M] [Mommy] [My Baby Boy] [Love Bombs] [FemDom] [Improv] [Vibrator] [Orgasm]Link
Sapphic Mommy Improv || Aurality[F4F] [Mommy] [My Baby Girl] [Love Bombs] [FemDom] [Improv] [Vibrator] [Orgasm]Link
Miss Scarlett in the Library || ninjafogg[F4M] [Parody] [Blowjob] [Femme Fatale] [FDom]Play
Cucked By Your GF || superhappydeathsquad[F4M] [Small Penis Humiliation] [Cuckold] [FDom] [Blowjob]Play
Unexpected Ramblefap || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Wet Sounds] [Dildo] [Orgasm] [Exclusive]Link
Eve and Lilith || Zerahmot[F4F] [FDom] [Pussy Eating] [Kissing] [Good Girl]Play
The Girl at the Carnival || Zerahmot[F4M] [Virgin Boy] [Supernatural] [MSub] [Anal Play] [Cum Eating]Play
The Girl at the Carnival || Zerahmot[F4M] [Virgin Boy] [Supernatural] [MSub] [Anal Play]Play
Mister Inadequate  || Aurality[F4M] [Size Queen] [Verbal Humiliation] [Name Calling] [Playful] [Flirty] [Small Penis Humiliation] [SPH] [Cuckolding] [Cock Comparison] [Hookup] [Domme] [FemDom] [Masturbation] [Orgasm]Link
3min Deepthroat  || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Exclusive] [SFX] [Deepthroat] [Blowjob Sounds]Link
6min of pussy-fucking ASMR/SFX || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Exclusive] [SFX] [Wet Pussy Sounds] [Dildo]Link
The Devil on your Shoulder || Zerahmot[F4M] [Unconscious Girl At A Party] [Temptation] [Somnophilia] [NC] [Fantasy]Play
You're My Panties-Wearing Subby Femboi || MyNameMadeYouSmiley[F4M] [FDom] [Femboy] [Panty Wearing] [Orgasm Control]Play
Valentine's Voicemail || Aurality[F4M] [Real Orgasm] [Dildo] [Romantic]Play
Happy New Year || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Exclusive]Link
Trapped My Shy Boy Against The Wall || MyNameMadeYouSmiley[F4M] [FDom] [Shy Guy] [Yandere] [Trapped] [NC]Play
I Love You! Please Breed Me! || Zephyr_F8[F4M] [Impreg] [Breeding] [Creampie] [Rough Sex] [Dirty Talk]Play
Caught Stealing Big Sister's Undies || Enno_Zalenno[F4M] [Adults] [Step Siblings] [Teasing] [Panty Sniffing]Play
Unlocking a New World of Fantasies || Zerahmot[F4M] [Male Bicuriosity] [Temptation] [Experimentation]Play
You're Sinful || Submrs[F4M] [Poem] [Sensual] [Temptation]Play
Good Moaning~  || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Exclusive] [Vibrator] [Orgasm]Link
A Long, Noisy Fap  || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Exclusive] [Wet Pussy Sounds] [Orgasm] [Fsub] [Mdom]Link
The Ohdan  || Aurality[F4A] [Ramblefap] [Exclusive] [Monster Cock] [Dildo] [Pussy Stretching] [Vibrator] [Orgasm]Link
Ramblefap while watching porn[F4M] [Vibrator] [Orgasm] [420] [Watch With Me]Play
Poem for my Cock-Loving Subs || Aurality[F4M] [FDom] [MSub] [Pegging]Play
5 Days of Denial Series: Day 0 || Aurality[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Denial] [Orgasm Control] [FDom] [mSub] [5DD]Play
5 Days of Denial Series: Day 1 || Aurality[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Denial] [Orgasm Control] [FDom] [mSub] [5DD]Play
5 Days of Denial Series: Day 2 || Aurality[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Denial] [Orgasm Control] [FDom] [mSub] [5DD]Play
5 Days of Denial Series: Day 3 || Aurality[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Denial] [Orgasm Control] [FDom] [mSub] [5DD]Play
5 Days of Denial Series: Day 4 || Aurality[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Denial] [Orgasm Control] [FDom] [mSub] [5DD]Play
5 Days of Denial Series: Day 5 || Aurality[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Denial] [Orgasm Control] [FDom] [mSub] [5DD]Play
You Will Learn Patience || Zerahmot[F4M] [Gentle FDom] [Tease] [Orgasm Control]Play
10 Seconds to Cum || Zerahmot[F4M] [Challenge] [Tease] [Orgasm Control] [Intimate] [Whispers]Play
Think you can control your cock? Try me. || funnytraybake[F4M] [JOI] [Edging] [Orgasm Control] [Vibrator Sounds]Play
I'm The One You Love To Listen To || Orpheus_the_Traveler[F4M] [Playful] [JOI]Play
I'm going to make you cum... || funnytraybake[F4M] [JOI] [JOE] [Edging]Play
The Embrace || m00n_men[F4M] [Vampire: The Masquerade] [Gentle FDom] [MSub] [Yandere]Play
Waffling Wank: Friday's Forced Orgasm[F4M] [Ramblefap]Play
Yes Sir... || Aurality[F4M] [FSub] [Coercion] [Teacher/Student] [Blowjob]Play
Take A Load Off || OnlyaGWAcct[F4M] [Relaxing] [Stress Relief] [JOI]Play
The Dungeon Master || rubber_foal[F4M] [D&D] [Fantasy] [Role-playing] [Nerdy]Play
Surprise! Your GF is an Android! || Robot_Fucker[F4M] [Android Pussy] [FSub]Play
Cinderella and the Royal Shoe Fetishist || heelboy67[F4M] [Light JOI] [Shoe Fetish] [Humor] [Fairytale]Play