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F4? Title Type Tags Length Link
F4A Ramblefap while watching porn Ramblefap [Vibrator][Orgasm][420][Watch With Me] 11:02 link
F4M A Short ‘n Sweet Poem for my Cock-Loving Subs Poem [FemDom][MSub][Pegging] 01:11 link
F4M 5 Days of Denial Series Denial JOI [JOI][Edging][Denial][Orgasm Control][FDom][mSub] Varies text
F4M You Will Learn Patience Denial JOI [Gentle FemDom][Tease][Storytime][Orgasm Control] and [Possible Denial] via [Coin Toss] 13:26 text
F4M 10 Seconds to Cum Orgasm Control JOI [Challenge][Tease][Orgasm Control][Intimate][Whispers] 12:55 link
F4M Think you can control your cock? Try me. Orgasm Control JOI [JOI][Edging][Control][Denial?][Vibrator Sounds][Orgasm] 19:52 link
F4M I’m The One You Love To Listen To~ JOI [Playful][JOI] 11:10 link
F4M Take a break, let ME care for you.. SFW GFE [Comfort][Burnout Support][GFE][Pauses For Listener Response][Short & Sweet] 03:24 link
F4M I’m going to make you cum… JOI [JOI][JOE][Edging] 12:20 link
F4A Long Time Listener SFW Romantic [Meta][Nervous][Developing Romance] 04:45 link
F4M The Embrace Vampire RP [Vampire: The Masquerade][Vampire: the Requiem][Obsessive][Gentle FDom][MSub][Rape][Yandere] 09:36 link
F4A Waffling Wank: Friday’s Forced Orgasm Ramblefap [Ramble Fap][Waffling Wank][Chatting Shit][Beating My Bush Around The Bush] 10:04 link
F4M Yes Sir… Student/Teacher RP [FSub][Rape][Coercion][Age][Teacher/Student][Blowjob] 05:45 link
F4M Take A Load Off Gentle JOI [Relaxing][Stress Relief][JOI][JOE] 11:20 link
F4M The Dungeon Master TTRPG RP [D&D][Fantasy][Role-playing][Nerdy][Dirty talk] 15:13 link
F4M The Fucked Up Things That I Would Do Poem [Poem][Rape][Psycho][Yandere][Death] 03:43 link